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Since the 1st of July, all foreign companies that wants to sell in EU must have a European VAT number (VAT tax is collected from consumers by sellers who must report and pay local tax authorities). You can either establish a full local company or simply appoint a fiscal representative.

VAT legislation in the European Union is based on the VAT Directive. However, all the Member States have their own requirements, VAT rates, import procedures, VAT return standards and domestic nuances in VAT legislation.

When you distribute goods in the EU, have some stocks of finished products or spare parts in the EU, or when you attend a trade show, you might be required to be VAT registered for invoicing in the EU.

That procedure means that we take care of your VAT registration locally (in every country where needed) and make compulsory declarations all year long to respective tax authorities.

If you are unaware of your EU VAT exposure, Cosmopolite will assist you with the fiscal compliances procedures.

We will deal with all your VAT issues and guide you through the complicated VAT legislation requirements. In some European Member States by appointing a fiscal representative it is possible to apply for a defer scheme for import VAT. The import VAT shifts to the regular VAT declaration and can be deducted on the same one – NO CASH FLOW –

Even in countries where foreign companies are required to appoint a local fiscal representative, we organize this on your behalf through our strong network, keeping our fixed fees offer at the same level; to that end, you have no surprises and can easily integrate our services in you financial plan.

Cosmopolite has the knowledge and access to the software/websites to compile and submit VAT declarations and EC sales declarations for goods and services in all the Member States of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. We will remind you in time when the VAT declaration have to be submitted and what information you need to provide for each declaration.

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