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Cosmopolit Group, indirect tax compliances in the European territories

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Cosmopolite was founded in 1951 by John Rommens. The company started its customs clearance business in the family café located at the Dutch-Belgian border and quickly became the sole activity.

His son, Ludo Rommens, took over and grew the company with multiple locations in Belgium and The Netherlands. Throughout these years, his involvement with Customs and fiscal authorities allowed him to develop a recognized expertise and reputation.
Fiscal representation became a reality in 1971 and Cosmopolite was among the first companies to offer this service.

Today, following the acquisition of a competitor, Cosmopolite has operations in France, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as sales offices in the UK and the USA.

Serving more than 300 well-known customers worldwide Cosmopolite offers its services in 29 countries.


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