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Cosmopolit Group, indirect tax compliances in the European territories

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  • VAT refund

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Since 1951, Cosmopolite Group is your preferred partner for indirect tax compliances in the European territories
Cosmopolite Group : Services : Fiscal Representation

Fiscal representation

We manage all necessary steps to make sure your company is in compliance with VAT legislation in all member states, Switzerland and Norway.

Cosmopolite Group : Services : Customs clearance

Customs clearance

A full spectrum of services and advice to simplify Customs clearance within EU. Take advantage of our procedures to reduce VAT cashflows.

Cosmopolite Group : Services : VAT refund

VAT refund

As a foreign business, you can still get local VAT back! Let us sort out your expenses to ensure your claims are approved and paid.

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Cosmopolite Group : Your activities : B to B sales and distribution

B to B sales and distribution

Your products are distributed to professionals in the EU member states, Switzerland and Norway; you hold stocks in some of these countries and invoice your client upon orders
Cosmopolite Group : Your activities : E-commerce / B to C

E-commerce / B to C

Your products are sold through a digital platform and distributed in the EU member states, Switzerland and Norway
Cosmopolite Group : Your activities : Multi Zone projects

Multi zone projects

Your are part of multi-parties distribution process in the EU member states, Switzerland and Norway (e.g Triangular distribution)
Cosmopolite Group : Your activities : Petro chemical and related

Petro chemical and related

You are supplying and distributing  petro chemicals and related products in the EU (e.g: solvent)

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Our key philosophy is to offer the ‘one button solution’ for all VAT related issues for companies operating in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland


Cosmopolite wants to motivate her employees and wants to offer a place where people are inspired to be the best they can be


Our service level must be a highly effective service to our clients


Since Cosmopolite is a independent company we are able to work with a professional network of the highest possible quality
Our vision is the beginning of your success

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